Service Selection Board (SSB)

What happens at an S.S.B.?

We Specialize in SSB interviews and the institution is in the hands of specialist only. No third rate instructors are employed. Only highly qualified staff is there who had their full share of service in the Army and are fully aware of the qualities expected in potential officers. Every individual has good points as well as drawbacks. Our  aim at this academy is to guide you  so that you may overcome your defects and highlight your good points when you face the Service Selection Board. We do so by paying individual attention to each student as vacancies in each batch are limited. We develop control capabilities, self confidence, resourcefulness and ability to meet all unforeseen situations. We don’t believe in giving stereo type training robbing you of your initiative. Rather, we aim at bringing out your talent potentialities and improve all round personality. Our coaching is practical to generate confidence, initiative and officer like qualities required in would be officers. We have a set team of Instructors who are devoted fully to the cause. We not only coach for selection but instill officer like qualities by persuasion/ guidance both oral and practical. Our aim is to make you better citizens in the days to come.


NEW CAREERS ACADEMY is over 46 years old and has made a mark in India specially in SSB INTERVIEWS and WRITTEN EXAMS for CDS and NDA. This institution is in capable hands of highly qualified Army Officers. Academy is proud of being better equipped than any other academy in India. Our fees are minimum possible and refunded to a student if he is not satisfied with our SSB coaching. With the low fees, we coach you full for 10 days even on Sundays and holidays and for more number of hours. We provide hundred hours of solid coaching under similar condition that prevail at SSB. These include:

Filling in of P.I.Q.  Form 1hr.
Intelligence tests (Verbal & Non Verbal) 10hrs.
Interviews 10hrs.
Speeches 8hrs.
Group Discussions 9hrs.
Individual Obstacles 6hrs.
Command Tasks 10hrs.
Group Tasks 13hrs.
Indoor Planning 8hrs.
Psychological Tests
Final Summing up and clarification of doubts 2hrs.
Pointing out good and bad points 1hr.
Screening Tests 6hrs.


We have all the facilities available for the S.S.B. Coaching an indigenous outdoor field, which is compatible for all the individual obstacles, group tasks and command tasks. Plus we have separate interview rooms and environment is made similar to the one, which you face in S.S.B. Board. To add to that, the Director has also written a book on facing S.S.B. Interviews which gives a complete overlook of what to expect at the S.S.B. Board. Individual Interviews are conducted and aim of training is to highlight the individuals’ strong points and underplay his weakness. Lot of emphasis is given on communication skills in English. The Academy is proud of turning an unassuming character to a leader for all times. Hostel and messing facility are present within the campus for the ease of the candidates. The hostel capacity is but fixed so as to cater and take care the needs of each candidate and they can be scrutinized fully

Fee Details
Admission Fee Rs. 200.00 (w.e.f. 1st October)
Tuition Fee Rs. 7000.00
Hostel Rent Rs. 1000.00 (For 10 days)
Tuition Fee per day Rs. 750.00 (Casual Student)
Hostel Rent per day Rs. 150.00 (Casual Student)
Messing Fee Rs. 100.00per day
Security Rs. 500.00 (Refundable)
* no admission fee charged from defence personal
* 50 percent off for war widows .
* group schemes (5 or more candidates rs. 500 off)
* For sainik school students no admission fee would be charged
* Candidates are given 2 day free refresher course just before the interview

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